Friday, September 14, 2007

Raising Money

One of the primary directives of a non-profit organization is to raise money. For accedited US non-profits Firstgiving (which we profiled yesterday),
makes it easy for members of your organization to set up donation pages
and collect donations from friends, family, colleagues -- or total
strangers. Non-profit groups can also use the service to manage fund
drives of their own.

Fundable and ChipIn are two other fundraising web applications that work very well for charities that are not accredited non-profit organizations.

There are a large number of for-pay payment processing solutions --
many of which include offline software packages as part of the product.
PaySimple is one of the more affordable packages, costing not too much more than a normal merchant account. Blackbaud is one of the more well-known enterprise solutions for non-profit fundraising (they offer other services as well, such as CRM).

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