Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Facebook's Fastest Growing Demo is the 25+ Age Group

If you still think of Facebook
as a college social networking site, think again. Research from a
recent user study shows that more than half of Facebook users are not
currently enrolled in a university or college and that the site’s
fastest-growing demo is the 25+ age group

D’oh! Homersapien Invades Springfield

Timed to coincide with the release of the new Simpsons movie, a Homer Simpson-skinned version of Wowwee’s Robosapien toy has just been sighted trampling Springfield
in various gadget shops on the Internet. It appears that the product is
primarily available in the UK, as I’ve yet to find a North American
shop that’s selling one.

Regardless, Homersapien features a bevy of features that Simpsons
fans should recognize. Here’s an excerpt from a product description
over at UK-based retailer Gadgetshop:

With 67 new pre-programmed functions, Homersapien
can pick up objects, throw objects, kick objects and dance around the
room as well as the more expected “Homerisms” such as belching,
snoring, farting, and the classic Homer “Doh!” - he’s even programmed
with a number of Kung Fu moves! Homersapien is pre-programmed with
catchphrases galore taken from all manner of shows from various series’
and even has his own Krusty Burger cup which he holds so dear.

Now that everyone’s favorite underachieving (albeit lovable) slacker had been roboticized, will he go the way of Futurama’s Bender and turn to the consumption of alcohol for energy? Or perhaps the Asahi beer-bot
can be modded to dispense Duff-brand beer? Regardless, it’s clear that
Homer has more technical wherewithal than we’ve previously given him
credit for. (Source: Gadgetshop)

Nxbot.com: Homersapien

Monday, July 30, 2007

Etsy Hits 1 Million Sold Mark

Just a quick update on an innovative site we’ve covered a few times here on PSFK: Etsy,
an online swap meet for handmade goods, reached its 1 million items
sold mark this week, a considerable achievement for the start-up that
sprung to life only two years ago. Congratulations to the
DIY-supporting site and its legion of craftsmen and appreciators.

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Popular Social Networks

Facebook’s Viral Hit Game: The Brains Behind the Brain Eaters

If you joined Facebook recently (and really, who hasn’t?) chances
are your profile includes a walking corpse like the one on the left.
Launched in mid-June, the Zombies game is already among the social
network’s most popular widgets, boasting well over 2 million

It’s essentially a mini-MMORPG designed for maximum viral power: you
level up your zombie character by biting friends and converting them
into zombies (which only happens after they also install the
application.) Which leads to the inevitable question: can you monetize
the undead?