Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Elmo Live can sit, stand and tell stories -- is in league with your three-year-old

If you hadn't noticed by now, Elmo
is rapidly on his way from being a creepy laughing toy -- and
annoyingly difficult to find during the holidays -- to being a
full-fledged creepy robot... and even more difficult to find during the
holidays. The new Elmo Live, which Fisher-Price is announcing at Toy
Fair 2008 this week, can mouth his words like a real-live Muppet, and
can sit, stand and gesture as he tells stories, jokes, sings and play
games. Of course, we're sure you can still tickle him and set him on fire,
but the depth of interaction Elmo Live brings should surely bring the
creepiness factor to whole new levels. Which is why this is potentially
the best toy ever. Hopefully you can re-program him to drop kick your Pleo. Elmo Live will be out on October 14th for $60.

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