Friday, April 11, 2008

Qitera - Stealth Semantic App Sounds Like Twine Competitor

The Economist published a short article
about the Semantic Web today, picking up on apps we've covered here
many times - like Reuters Open Calais, Twine, Hakia and AdaptiveBlue.
But one app right at the end caught my eye, as I'd not heard of it
before: Qitera. Its homepage
describes it as "a next-generation information engine - a semantic web
service that connects everything you know to everything you read." The
company is German, but based in San Francisco. Qitera is currently in private beta, so it's hard to know what this app does. But it sounds a lot like Twine.

Here is a further explanation from their website:

"Qitera is a web service empowering you to build and
access your personal knowledge (the geeks call it “knowledge graph”).
So you can organize, remix and search all the data dealing with the
companies, business partners, friends or projects you track in a more
productive way. Additionally, we let you share your wisdom with your
peers and publish to blogs, websites and cell phones."

There is little mention of Qitera on Technorati, Google, or other sources. I did however find a slideshow on Slideshare, which featured this graphic illustrating its open standards support:

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