Monday, December 15, 2008

OpenX Feeling Bullish - Ad Server Company Announces Strong Growth

OpenX, an open source ad server
for web publishers, released statistics today to show its strong recent
growth - especially in the last 6 months. We interviewed the CEO of
OpenX, Tim Cadogan, about the data. We also wanted to know how OpenX
compares with Google's competitor Ad Manager, and we discovered how
exactly OpenX will make money.

According to OpenX, as of December 2008 more than 300 billion ad
impressions now run through its software every month. Its core product
is still the open source OpenX Ad Server - version 2.6 was launched
August 2008 and included a new API. This product has had more than
10,000 active downloads and is getting a 25 billion monthly ad
impression run rate.

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