Monday, February 2, 2009

How Software Entrepreneurs can be Successful Presenters to Investors

Some general, presentation-at-large, dos and don'ts.
  • Do
    challenge yourself to deliver an 'easy-to-understand' story. Could I,
    your listener, replay to another person the very basics of your venture
    and how your target customers will benefit from using your product?
  • Do infuse passion throughout your delivery. Engage me with your story.

  • Do focus on the benefits to customers of acquiring/using your
    product. Does it simplify? Make-money? Save money? Open new markets?
  • Do differentiate your business in some way from the competition - market channel, service, technical features, etc.

  • Don't give me unclear, irrelevant, or unnecessary information.
    It is extremely important to your success that you winnow the full
    amount of information into the particular subset that is required for
    this presentation. If you are concerned about leaving out 'necessary'
    information prepare a more detailed slide for the Q&A period in
    case it comes up.
  • Don't try to impress me with a lot of jargon.
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