Sunday, March 23, 2008

80108, local content via SMS

Twitter is just the beginning. SMS is finally going mainstream in
the U.S. and start-ups are getting creative with this messaging
technology that is part of daily life across the planet. Venture
capitalists have been funding a lot of these startups that use the SMS
platform to create social networks, share content, organize groups, or
create promotions.

Mozes went out of beta in March and Frengo launched around the same time. The latest to join the ranks is 80108 Media that is officially announcing their localized SMS-based media and event info service on Monday.

80108’s idea is to create 70 different SMS channels in 15 cities that
send updates about events and local insider news from the company’s
hired “correspondents.” These citizen reporters are happening folks
with roots in industries like music and fashion. When I signed up I
chose indie rock in San Francisco, and I started getting info and news
about the local indie music scene. The indie rock correspondent Nicholas T
seemed like a fun enough guy. He’s a musician, hangs out in the Mission
and likes veggie burgers from Sparky’s — they have the SF indie rock
caricature pinned down pretty well.

3 things they need to excel at:

1). programming/content

2). user experience, so the mobile and web platform, and

3). marketing

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