Saturday, March 15, 2008

Birth of a Sales Tool: LinkedIn Meets eBay

entrepreneur Evan Sohn believes that selling is a broken trade. He’s
here to fix it, and he’s attempting to do it with an intuitive venture
that is an experiment in sales all its own.

corporations swell and business moves Web-ward, it can be argued that
traditional sales practices -- done over a handshake or a phone call --
are going the way of the telegraph. New York-based entrepreneur Evan
Sohn has watched the transformation first hand, as an early stage
executive in leading-edge tech companies like OmniPod, ReefEdge, and
Logix. As an employee, decision-maker, and entrepreneur, he sensed an
inefficiency in the way sales is conducted in the Internet age. So he
embarked on a mission to turn the profession digital.

The product of his observations -- called Salesconx -- is an online
marketplace for sales contacts, where salespeople sell each other
contact information about the folks in their Rolodex. Let's say you're
a seasoned salesperson; other Salesconx users can pay you a small fee
(usually about $100) for an online "introduction" in which you
introduce them to one of your contacts. The idea is that every
introduction be mutually beneficial; a snowplow salesman, for example,
might connect a tire salesman and a truck salesman. Sohn hopes the
marketplace will be trustworthy enough that it will allow top
salespeople to leave inefficient practices like cold-calling or
mass-emailing behind. Think of it as LinkedIn meets eBay.

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