Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BrandTags - Half Hot Or Not, Half Poetry - About Brands

Marketing consultant and web connoisseur Noah Brier has launched a simple but fascinating project called BrandTags.net.
The idea is that visitors are shown a logo, we respond with a word or
very short phrase that we associate with the corresponding brand and
then we're given the option to view all the "tags" given a brand in a
big tag cloud.

It's a simple but elegant and interesting experiment. The tag cloud
for Walmart, for example, shows that the word "evil" is pretty big -
but "cheap" is even bigger! We've embedded the site below in an iframe
if you want to try it out yourself.

Nice Touches

One of the nicest touches here is how Brier displays the tags in
oversized font. By requiring users to scroll down the page, we get to
enjoy thinking to ourselves "surely this is the largest tag for this
brand" - only to scroll on and find that another term is even more
frequently associated with that company!

One thing that would be nice would be to have comments be enabled at
the bottom of the tag cloud screens. That way people could explain to
those who don't know why, for example, the word "racist" is so large on
Tommy Hilfiger's page.

BrandTags may not be the kind of site that consumers regularly
return to, but it's fun to try out once. Obviously it's something that
companies would have a real interest in checking out, especially if it
takes off. Brier reports that it's recieved over 77,000 tags in the first weekend it was live.

We've got it in an iframe below, just because if iframes are good enough for Google Friend Connect
then gosh darn it, they're good enough for us too. Click through some
brands on there...you just might find ours and get to offer a little

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