Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Semantic Web: A Treasure Trove for Marketers

Two technologies in
particular (natural-language search and content enhancement) promise to
bring companies much closer to their customers and deliver to consumers
more relevant content than ever before.

Semantic technology enables consumers and companies to find
information that is difficult to discover using traditional search
technology. Companies can use the results of this technology to improve
their marketing intelligence and provide more relevant content to their

With the cost of monitoring and providing relevant value to consumers lowered, the stage is now set for the development
of semantic technology: building out a customer engagement
infrastructure. Technology for finding relevant data may still be new,
but the deployment of semantic technology is giving a boost to the next
stage of development for mapping the engagement workflow to customers,
in which opportunities that appear on the web are brought to people who
can take advantage of them, whether marketers or consumers.

In essence, semantic technology will help marketers listen easily to
the increasing volume of content, sort through the clutter, and find
what's relevant to companies and consumers.

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