Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Twine Could Soon Surpass Delicious, Prepares Ontology Authoring Tool

Nova Spivack's semantic web company Twine
is developing a free service to write and host semantic ontologies; the
classification trees that enable machines to put concepts in topical
context. Ready to play Aristotle and create an ontology of cheese,
model airplanes, global anti-hunger organizations or any other topic?

What blogging was to publishing, a simple tool that made far more
people able to participate, Twine's new ontology writing and hosting
service could be to the act of teaching machines about new topics.

The company wouldn't let
us publish the new service's name but says it is aiming for a launch
date this year, as soon as a go-to-market strategy and appropriate
partnerships are lined up. The ontologies created won't only work on
Twine; they will be referenceable by semantic apps anywhere around the

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