Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Quantcast Shakes Up Ad-Targeting Model

In 2006, it started out by offering a free service that allowed Web
publishers to track the types of people visiting their sites through
software code it placed on the sites.

The service put Quantcast in competition with Nielsen and comScore,
which track audiences based on the Web-surfing behaviors of panels of
Internet users, among other methods.

Now Quantcast plans to translate the technology it has installed on
more than 10 million Web sites into revenue. Its new media-buying
service, known as Quantcast Media Program, begins by allowing
advertisers to create a detailed profile of the types of people they
want to reach. Then Quantcast finds Web sites using its measurement
technology that are attracting those types of people. It takes a cut of
the revenue from the resulting ads sold by the Web sites.

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