Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ad Network Optimization Service Beta - Let OpenX SHOW YOU THE MONEY!

how does this program differ from the many other existing ad network
optimization services out there? The simple answer is that OpenX is
taking a completely new and unique approach to the problem of how to
drive maximum value for ad inventory. Perhaps the most unique aspect of
the OpenX optimization approach is that we work with multiple ad
networks in combination with our own OpenX Market to get the best price
for publisher inventory. This approach to inventory yield optimization
combines the OpenX Market ad impression auction with the Artmore
traditional method of working with ad networks (where publishers “look
back” to review their ad performance from each ad network from the
previous day and make changes based old performance data). This hybrid
model allows multiple classes of ad buyers (ad networks, agencies and
direct advertisers) to bid for OpenX publisher inventory in real time,
while also allowing some ad networks to access inventory in a more
traditional way. In addition, OpenX will pool inventory from our
network of more than 150,000 websites, which will help us drive more
scale for ad networks, which should in turn drive higher prices for our

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