Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BooRah Now Selling Semantic Yelp, CitySearch Report Cards

When we say that semantic technology has a
whole lot of awesome potential, this is a fun example of what we're
talking about. If it can be done for restaurants, we expect similar
analysis of online sentiment can be sold for all kinds of different
real-world sectors.

The idea is that BooRah
tracks positive and negative reviews of food, service and ambiance at
restaurants across hundreds of online review sites. The service
monitors trends toward negative and positive reviews, pulls out key
quotes from users and offers other value adds based on its technology.

Now restaurant owners can subscribe to receive a PDF of their
monthly reports for an introductory price of $15 and a regular price of
$25 per month. (Here's a sample report, in PDF format.)

Simple charts and a straightforward presentation can offer
restaurant owners nervous about the Wild West of online opinion a
bird's eye view of what's really going on, month by month. On the down
side, the reports may enable those business owners to spot and track
down negative reviewers to hassle them for the injustices they've no
doubt done to a fine eatery.


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