Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DataXu Optimizes Ad Bidding, Buying Across Exchange Platforms In Real-Time

The DataXu platform values, bid manages and buys ads on an
impression-by-impression basis, across the major ad exchanges and based
on smart algorithms. The platform is said to be capable of processing
hundreds of thousands of “ad decisions” a second, each returned in
under 100 milliseconds, through automated, campaign-specific algorithms.

Expert panel Q&A:

Q – Marissa Mayer: On a technology level, it looks impressive. My questions is: are you targetting people?

Ad buyers can build their own data profiles, so you can tweak it to
fit your core audience. The Internet is becoming more dynamic, and what
we’re doing fundamentally is make decisions quickly, change campaigns
in real-time and learn from past behavior.

Q – Paul Graham: What’s the rocket science behind it, the core engine?

A: Our system is designed to find the features that matters for
brand, really custom. Advertising is not a one-size-fits-all, you need
dynamic, intelligent algorithms.

Q – Tony Hsieh: We’ve dealt with third-party pixels at Zappos, and it causes problems. How do you deal with that?

A: As soon as we can tie data together, we can work, so it doesn’t have to be pixel ads.

Q – Marc Andreessen: What’s your sales model?

A: we can paid on a CPM basis, like an ad server, but a percentage on the lift.

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